What's different about this program? 


Our afterschool activity club offers programming to school aged children, 6 – 12 years old. Our primary focus is on building confidence, leadership and healthy social skills through fun and innovative programs. The program is made up of mini clubs that registered children participate in. Homework support is allocated a maximum of 45 minutes, depending on each child's needs and the assigned school activities. This is followed by an hour of a structured extracurricular activity.


Activities offered weekly include music and movement, coding, theatre, fine arts and sport skills. Children benefit by learning new skills and developing them throughout the school year in a non-competitive, child-centred environment. All programs are delivered by experienced and certified instructors.


The afterschool activity club is NOT a daycare centre. As a family centre, we encourage parents to participate in their children’s learning and we promote activities that bring families together not separate programing for children from that of adults. This means that our doors are open to parents of registered children to actively engage in and support the process. Join us in our Parent Corner for a cup of coffee or tea, read a book or catch up on your emails as you're waiting for your child.

What's the KaZa advantage? 

Peace of mind for you and multiple interactive fun programs for your child! Children are walked over safely from their school to a welcoming and fully supervised environment. They complete their homework before getting home and participate in activities led by qualified instructors. All activities are offered at one location so your children can participate in these activities during the week without the worry of driving them around on the weekend! Programs are child-focused and led by the belief that a well-balanced and confident child results in healthier families and communities.


The club runs throughout the school year including PA days and March break  


Don’t forget to stay tuned for a variety of fun weekend workshops and activities that you can participate in as a family. 

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