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Cathy Hibbert, M.Ed.
Parenting and Education Consultant

Cathy’s educational experience includes a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Psychology, a Diploma in Counselling and a Masters of Science in Education. Cathy is a certified Shanker Self-Reg® leader. She has over 17 years of experience in the education and mental health field. In her teaching career, she has been a middle school teacher, guidance counsellor, athletics director and vice principal. She has worked closely with families and children of all ages who struggle with various learning disabilities, to collaborate on educational plans that best suit the child’s educational needs. An additional part of her work has been aimed at helping students and families find the right school placement to support their unique strengths and skills.  She thrives on working with families and students during times of transition and helping them navigate the private school world of Toronto (which can be at times intimidating and overwhelming).  Cathy is also passionate about using Collaborative Problem Solving (Ross Greene) both at work and at home with her two boys! She has counselled families and led parent workshops in this simple but effective technique. As an Educational Consultant, Cathy looks forward to working with you in finding the right fit for your child’s academic needs. Additionally, she can help you with parenting skills necessary to help your child achieve academic success.

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