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A reimagined clinic supporting children, youth, couples, adults, families and communities.

KaZa Family Centre: a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and consultants dedicated to providing tailored, evidence-based support for your mental health and wellness. 


We offer a variety of clinical services, including therapy, assessment, and consulting. 

Our clinic is open to provide in-person services! However, we continue to offer services virtually upon request.


Please contact us to learn how we can help you and you can learn more here.

Family with Tablet


At KaZa Family Centre, we see clients across the lifespan, including children, youth, and adults. We also work with couples and families.​

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KaZa Family Centre offers psychoeducational assessment for children, adolescents, and college/university students. We also offer psychological assessments for adults.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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KaZa Family Centre clinicians are available to provide parenting and education consultations. Depending on the challenge presented, we can offer single-session consultations to develop a plan to address your needs. Additionally, we consult with community providers, teachers, and other caregivers. 

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Contact Us

2069 Danforth Avenue, Toronto ON M4C 1J8
Phone: (416) 792-9233
Fax: (416) 352-7717 

2069 Danforth Ave, Unit 2

Toronto, ON M4C 1J8​

416-792-9233 |

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